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Author Spotlight - L.J.Sellers

Apr 07, 2014


L.J. SELLERS with H.S. Clark

Video Interview

To all mystery and thriller writers, readers, and fans,

I recently attended the Left Coast Crime mystery conference in Monterey, California, where I was privileged to be on the “Thrills and Chills, Medical and Psychological Thrillers” panel with several other great writers. I also got to participate in the New Author’s breakfast, and sign a bunch of copies of my medical thriller, SECRET THOUGHTS. But my biggest thrill was interviewing 10 great authors on video. This was a first time project for me, and a major learning experience. I know that these interviews are exciting and informative, because I personally learned so much about these wonderful authors. It was information that I could not have found out by any other means. At a busy meeting like Left Coast Crime, getting 10 minutes of a bestselling author’s time can be a monumental task!

Two days after I got back to Seattle from the California conference, my mother passed away, leaving me in a state of quiet contemplation and grief. Thanks to friends and family, I’m recovering from my loss. Burying myself in this video interview project has been therapeutic. These 10 videos represent my first naïve efforts, and I know that quality here leaves room for improvement. I’m already planning equipment and software upgrades for future video interviews, but the current raw video is all I have to work with. Most of the raw videos are good to excellent, but a few need some digital resuscitation.

My most startling revelation about these authors is how very diverse they are, in backgrounds, styles, and in the unique flare that each brings to the mystery and thriller genre.

My first interview is with bestselling author L.J. Sellers.

Thanks to all who made this possible, and enjoy!

H. S. Clark

Note: If your syndicated or RSS blog does not show the author interview video, just click on this direct link to my blog:

To get all future video episodes of Author Spotlight, subscribe to my Youtube channel by clicking the Youtube icon on the lower, right corner of the video above. This will take you to Youtube, then click subscribe. 

Category: writing

"H.S. Clark Presents Author Spotlight" is now a 5 Star Audio Podcast on iTunes. Subscribe FREE to my podcast to get all my exclusive author interviews. Now you can listen anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or in your car. 

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☆☆☆☆☆Check out my new moderated forum: "Art and Medicine" for authors and readers to discuss and get answers to questions about writing authentic medical fiction, and historical information on physician authors and artists. Special feature "Ask The Doctor."






      ☆☆☆☆☆Don''t miss my blog "Social Media Healing Redux" on the power of Social Media in medicine and cancer management. 



☆☆☆☆☆Secret Thoughts: a Medical Thriller Spanish version is coming soon.



My guest blog "Epidural Anesthesia-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" is now posted on Redwood's Medical Edge 

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