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This is a moderated forum for answers to all your questions about writing medical fiction, and everything else art and medicine. Featuring: "ASK THE DOCTOR" for writers and readers. I won't be diagnosing you, but I will comment on all things medical in written works and entertainment media. I'll also post information and news on past and current medical artists, and happenings in medical entertainment. Feel free to post a new topic, reply to a current topic, or "ASK THE DOCTOR" a question.

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Is This The Future Of Medical Science?




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Episode 19 "Leonard Caul" of The Blacklist becomes a Medical Thriller when Red is critically wounded and calls a “Code 77.” Top talent rushes in to instantly create a mobile surgical hospital. The Blacklist is absolutely amazing dramatic fiction with no end to unexpected twists and turns. Click here for insightful commentary from Entertainment Weekly.



Fiction has been partially blamed for the (suspected) suicide death of Dr. Fredric Brandt, Dermatologist to the Stars. Martin Short's unflattering portrayal of "Dr. Grant" on Tina Fey's Netflix series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is thought to have deeply troubled the famous Dermatologist and contributed to Dr. Brandt's depressive state. Click here to read all about it in People Magazine online. 



China and Russia hack and modify x-ray equipment and medical devices in order to steal confidential personal, financial, corporate, and government information. This mirrors events predicted by SECRET THOUGHTS: A Medical Thriller, my fictional novel in the Dr. Powers Mystery Series. Click the picture below to read about this massive current cyber crime on Reuters:




CPAP is common for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and now it's a part of our folklore and entertainment.  Click to see the 




The Genetic havoc I predicted in

IMMORTAL FEAR-A Medical Thriller

is right around the corner!

Gene-editing scientists ready to play God

Emerging gene-editing technology is primed to turn the scientific community into an army of Victor Frankensteins. A three-year-old technique called CRISPR has experts in genetics and genomics saying the world is on the precipice of revolution. "We're basically able to have a molecular scalpel for genomes," biologist Jennifer Doudna told Tech Insider on Wednesday. "All the…

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